How to mix 2k paints?

A: (2:1) 2 parts paints to 1 part hardener+ 30% thinners.


How to mix Basecoat Paints?

A: 50/50 with Basecoat Thinners.


How to mix MS Primer?

A: (4:1) 4 parts primer to 1 part hardener 10% thinners.


How long should i wait before sanding MS Primer?

A: From 8hrs you can sand the MS primer and apply topcoat.


How long should I wait before I apply the 2k clearcoat?

A: 30min - 1hour


How long should I wait between coats with the Basecoat paints?

A: 15 - 20 mins


What is the mixing ratio on QD(Quick Drying Enamels)?

A: 30% Qd thinners and NO hardener.


What is the mixing ratio on Duco paints

A: 50/50 with Lacquer thinners.


How to mix Bodyfiller and its hardener?

A: 2% haderner to your mixture.




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